Give your family the gift of Nowruz

Stunning new documentary and book about Nowruz from award-winning director Farzin Rezaeian

What is covered in the book and movie?

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What is Nowruz and why do we celebrate it?

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Starting the New Year including: family reunions, special games, and Sizdah be-dar.

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The history of Nowruz celebrations.

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The reasons behind the continuity of Nowruz traditions. Nowruz is beyond race, color, and creed.

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Preparations for Nowruz, including Spring Cleaning and the Feast of Wednesday or Charshanbeh Suri.

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Countries that celebrate Nowruz: from Turkey to Western China and from Azerbaijan to India.

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What is The Haft Sinn Spread, and why do we use seven items on our Nowruz Spread and what do they symbolically resemble?

Dr. Farzin Rezaeian

Who is Farzin Rezaeian?

Farzin Rezaeian is an award-winning documentary and educational film producer and director. He studied sociology, political science and communications at the University of Illinois in Chicago and then continued his studies in Iranian arts and civilization.

For the past twenty years, Dr. Rezaeian has researched and written for many educational and documentary films that he has produced or directed at Sunrise Visual Innovations. These include Persepolis Recreated, Iran: Seven Faces of a Civilization, Incredible Isfahan, and 5000 Years of Iranian Engineering.


Dr. Willem Floor, Dutch Scholar and Author of​ Sofreh: The Art of Persian Celebration

"Farzin Rezaeian's new book and companion film about the celebration of Nowruz across the Persianate world brilliantly captures the spirit of this age-old festivity. This new production is a must-see for everybody interested in cross-cultural traditions and the trans-national role of Persianate culture."

Dr. willem floor